2019 BMW 6-Series

2019 BMW 6-Series – More details

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The 6-Series is BMW’s flagship two-door GT car and so far it has been quite successful. However, in the recent years it became clear that it can’t really compete with some of its rivals. The car has a much harsher ride than most and it doesn’t drive as good as it should. Despite that it still is one of the best looking cars from their roster and it is also sublime on a fast highway. In order to recover to its former glory a new model is going to be released with the 2019 BMW 6-Series. So far the car hasn’t been confirmed but prototypes have been spied a few times so far.

More details

The new 6-Series is most likely going to be based on BMW’s brand new OKL architecture. This means it should lose quite a bit of weight. This will become especially important for the four-door version which currently weighs at over 4,500 pounds which is a lot for a car in this class.

2019 BMW 6-Series

source: bmwblog.com                                                                                 2019 BMW 6-Series

The upcoming model is expected to shed at least 200 pounds which would definitely help. This loss would be achieved with the help of carbon fiber and the extensive use of aluminum. From the spy shots seen so far it seems that the wheelbase will increase and its height might decrease. The price is still unknown but we would be surprised if it will change all that much.

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2019 BMW 6-Series Design

From the prototypes seen so far it seems the upcoming 2019 BMW 6-Series will get a much sleeker design than before. For starters, the car’s basic shape might be preserved with the long hood and raked roof-line which are well known traits for a GT car. However, in the front the prototype seems to boast much slimmer headlights than before and a wider grille.

2019 BMW 6-Series

source: bmwblog.com                                                                               2019 BMW 6-Series

The car’s front end also seems lower which would suggest a better drag coefficient. In the back it seems to build on the design of its predecessor but with some upgrades such as slimmer tail lights and possibly an integrated exhaust. Unfortunately rumors also suggest that the Gran Coupe might be discontinued. In its place BMW would add the 6-Series GT. We do hope that these rumors are not true, especially since the Gran Coupe was arguably one of the best looking cars BMW ever made.

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Considering its predecessor, it is safe to assume the 2019 BMW 6-Series will make use of a similar cabin to that found in the 5 Series but with some upgrades.

2019 BMW 6-Series interior

source: bmwblog.com                                                                             2019 BMW 6-Series

The center stack is expected to be wider and as standard it should come with considerably more gear than its sibling. This will allow the 6-Series to be regarded as a true premium car. For this model some also suggested that BMW would add a much larger head-up display as well as a fully digital instrument cluster.

BMW 6 Series Specs

It seems that the base model might get to stick with a 3 liter inline 6 gas engine with either one or two turbochargers. The car is expected to make north of 330 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. A larger engine, likely a 4 liter twin-turbo V8, is also a real possibility.

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This engine could make anything between 400 and 600 horsepower while offering better fuel efficiency than the older 4.4 liter unit which has been in use since 2008. The car is likely not going to receive a manual even in Europe. However, a diesel version, likely a 3 liter model, with north of 280 horsepower, is going to become available soon after launch. The only transmission of choice is likely going to be the same 8 speed automatic as on the 5 Series.

BMW 6-Series Video

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