2020 McLaren SUV

2020 McLaren SUV – Entirely New Design

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McLaren is planning to release 15 new cars by 2024. It seems that they are working hard on future hybrid supercars and not just that. Last year they said that SUVs were not really in their plans. However, things change and it looks like they may eventually release one with the future 2024 McLaren SUV. So far there is very little information about it. However, in order to make over 5,000 cars a year McLaren will really have to expand their roster. It is a well known fact supercars don’t sell as much as they would like so in order to expand their company they will eventually have to come up with a car like an SUV or a crossover. At this point most rumors suggest a medium-size SUV, roughly the same size as the current Porsche Cayenne.

In detail

Despite its size, the car is expected to get an entirely new design with really sporty proportions that would allow it to look smaller than it really is. At this point McLaren doesn’t really have a suitable platform for an SUV. Even so it is a well known fact they have brilliant engineers so it is safe to assume they will not borrow a platform for their new car. Instead the 2024 McLaren SUV should be built on a bespoke chassis which will allow it to perform at the level of a true supercar. This would also drive the price to really impressive levels. It seems the car could start at well over $100,000 but even so it should still sell incredibly well.

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2020 McLaren SUV Design

As we said, the new SUV is expected to share at least part of its design with McLaren’s supercars. It seems that the most probable car to give its design cues is the newly released 720S. The SUV is expected to boast a similar front end with the same triangular intakes that also house the headlights and DRLs. The bumper on the other hand will likely be quite a bit more aggressive with similar intakes but a much taller profile.

2020 McLaren SUV design


There should also be a second upper grille that will feed the front-mounted engien more air. From the profile the 2024 McLaren SUV should boast a coupe-like look but not like we were used to up to this point. Instead the car is more than likely going to be similar to Audi’s Q8 with a gentle slope to its roof that will arch towards the back. The end result should be a far more aggressive car than most others on the market. A floating roof effect, muscular lines on the sides as well as a quad-exhaust with really sporty lines at the back should be already a given.

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The interior

Unlike any other McLaren to date, their SUV is going to boast up to 5 seats. With a large trunk and a really comfortable cabin it should have no problems becoming a favorite in its class. The design of the dashboard should still be similar to their other cars.

2020 McLaren SUV interior


However, the center console will likely be much wider and there are going to be more buttons available too. These will control some of the car’s functions like the all wheel drive, the electric seats or even a panoramic electric roof. The materials should be on the same level with those found on their supercars but the seats are expected to be considerably more comfortable.

2020 McLaren SUV Specs

 2020 McLaren SUV
Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase N/A
Length N/A
Height N/A
Width N/A
Weight N/A
Engine And Transmission
Engine type V8
Displacement 3.8 L
Power/torque 575 hp/
Transmission N/A
0-60 mph 3.5 sec.
Top speed 200 mph
PRICE RANGE:$100,000
Competitors:Lamborhini Urus,Bentley Bentayga,Koenigsegg SUV

Under the hood

There is no question about the fact McLaren is able to make great engines. One of these is also going to power the 2024 McLaren SUV. It seems the car will hit the market with not one but two engine choices. There will be a gasoline-powered vehicle which will likely use their 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8. This is a new engine which is currently known to make north of 700 horsepower. The one in the SUV will likely offer closer to 500 horsepower which is still mighty impressive. A hybrid is also expected to be launched shortly after launch. This is expected to boast an electric system similar to that found on the P1 hypercar. However, its output will be closer to 500 horsepower. A high performance version sporting close to 700 horsepower is also going to be made available at a later date in order to compete with Lamborghini’s Urus.

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