2016 Lincoln Aviator Review and Price

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2016 Lincoln Aviator is coming to the market soon. It was spotted during the test ride on the streets so we can give you the first insight in this car model. However, front fascia and rear end were camouflaged thus we will base exterior information only on gossips. Lincoln Aviator has always been one of the most spacious vehicles produced by Lincoln.

2016 Lincoln Aviator Review

It can accommodate seven passengers hence it is ideal car for big families. Although generally it has lots of space, cargo space is a little bit neglected.

2016 Lincoln Aviator Review and Price4

If you drive with all three rows of seats all the time, you won’t have too much space for luggage thus it seems that 2016 Lincoln Aviator won’t be good for traveling if you are planning to take your relatives, as well.

Nevertheless, space still stays one of the major advantages of Aviator and you will hardly find similar vehicle which offers as much as space as this one.

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Lincoln Aviator 2016 Engine

It is very hard to find engine specifications on the Web for 2016 Lincoln Aviator. Officials are still trying to keep this information off record and only few dare to make any predictions about what will be under the hood of new Lincoln Aviator. One thing is sure though.

This vehicle will have powerful engine and there are some indications that it will have astonishing fuel consumption (astonishing in this category).

2016 Lincoln Aviator Review and Price6

Many experts believe new Lincoln Aviator will be equipped with eight-cylinder, along with 32-valve and 4-cam.

We cannot even guess how many horsepower and lb-ft of torque it is going to deliver but these figures will surely be higher comparing to the previous model. The best word for describing this car is radical. Ride is going to be smoother than before so it would be real joy riding in this baby.

Interior and Exterior of 2016 Lincoln Aviator

Even though half of the car was camouflaged we could find information about outlook refreshments. It won’t look too aggressive but it will definitely be muscular. LED technology is used where it was possible and apparently front bumper is redesigned. Modernized but still very sophisticated.

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Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about rear end available on the Internet therefore cannot present the exterior completely.

Lincoln Aviator.

Inside the cabin new materials are used, especially high-quality leather, therefore a comfort is brought to a whole different level. Seats are very convenient and every passenger is going to enjoy the ride.

Inside it is very spacious, but if you decide to leave all three rows of seats you will have lack of space for your baggage. We strongly recommend you to take out rear seats if you travel very often.

This is a family car so safety features are one of the most important issues. Therefore, Lincoln put a lot of effort to create a safety vehicle.

2016 Lincoln Aviator Review and Price1

Lincoln Aviator Release date and Price

Unfortunately, there is no information that will tell us when this car is coming to the market and how much it is going to cost.

Our personal estimations are that price is going to be slightly higher comparing to previous model due to few upgrades and new engine.

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