2016 Toyota Vios Price

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Previous model of Toyota Vios was being sold only in China, Brazil and Thailand but we honestly hope 2016 model will reach more markets, especially European and North American. It seems that last model delivered the goods. It has quite good reviews and Toyota doesn’t seem dissatisfied with the sales. We hope they will be more ambitious and that 2016 Toyota Vios will be more available for drivers in the other parts of the world.

2016 Toyota Vios Review

Interior has been upgraded as well as the exterior and it is most likely that power figures will be increased.

2016 Toyota Vios Price9

New Vios is full of surprises and we don’t have to wait for the release to see everything that this vehicle offers.

If you would like to find out more about updates and refreshments you can check this article. We are proud to present totally new Toyota Vios.


Toyota Vios Engine

There are many speculations about the engine and it is still unknown what engine options will be available. However, it is most likely that 1.5l NZ-FE will be used.

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This is exactly the same engine previous model had and it can deliver 109 horsepower with 141 Nm. It will be mated with either five-speed or six-speed automatic transmission.

There are huge speculations about what will be the second engine option. According to the rumors, the second engine will be either 1.3l 4-DOHC with an ability to produce 85 HP and 90 lb-ft of torque, or 1.8l with an output of 140 HP and 173 Nm.

2016 Toyota Vios Price12

We strongly believe that engine offer will be accompanied with the 1.8l. This engine cannot brag about power figures but it is still the most powerful among these three.

If this appears to be true, it will have either six or five gears. Fans are hoping for this engine and in our opinion Toyota can’t afford to let them down.

Interior and Exterior of  Toyota Vios 2016

At the first sight, refreshments are subtle but they will contribute to the overall efficiency. New grille is expected with some modern lines. Headlights are going to be redesigned in order to match the new grille.

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They are going to use LED technology. Rear lights and taillights are also going to change their appearance but this transformation won’t be so extreme.

2016 Toyota Vios Price11

Designers at Toyota decided not to change the appearance due to good results they had with the previous model.

Interior will probably come with more trim levels than before and color pallet will be increased. Other than that it is most likely than everything else will stay as same as before.

2016 Toyota Vios Price13

As far as we are concerned, this is not the right moment for the changes. Toyota needs to try to win more markets before they significantly change the look of Toyota Vios.

2016 Toyota Vios Release date and Price

Many people are wondering why 2016 Toyota Vios hasn’t been released yet. It was expected that it will hit the market before June but that didn’t happen.

We can just hope launching will be announced soon and will see this car on the streets in the following months.

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Price is expected to be between $17,000 and $25,000 depending on the features.

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