2017 Toyota Aurion

2017 Toyota Aurion Price

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The Toyota Aurion line is due for the new addition, and it seems the 2017 model is going to be very promising. With a revised exterior, updated interior and a vastly improved engine, this is more than just another iteration in an old brand. Let’s see what Toyota has in store for us.

Release Date of Toyota Aurion

The 2017 Toyota Auron still awaits its official release date, so there is a lot of speculating going on right now.

Things being what they are, it seems there will be some new Aurions rolling off the assembly line and onto the streets by the end of this year and in early 2017.It all depends on various circumstances and company policy.

2017 Toyota Aurion

2017 Toyota Aurion Price

The price tag on the new 2017 Toyota Aurion is going to depend largely on the trim, the level od additional equipment, taxes and shipping costs, but according to previous models the base version should go for roughly $38,000.

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Of course, the proverbial train does not stop there, and the true fans of this vehicle can spend as much as $50,000 to get their new toy just the way they wanted it to be. It seems Toyota has done a good job yet again.


On the outside, the 2017 Toyota Aurion is going to look both sturdy and light, available in a huge selection of colors and trims. Optional features are aplenty, although the moon roof is an especially nice and more than welcome improvement – might even save some fuel and money on air condition.

2017 Toyota Aurion Exterior

Overall, the design has taken cues from earlier models, and AT-X has definitely left its mark. A new grille and LED lights will make it look as elegant and mysterious as it is powerful. All in all, a potent mix.

Interior of  Toyota Aurion 2017

It is on the inside, however, that the 2017 Aurion really begins to shine. There is plenty of legroom for all five occupants, as well as numerous safety features that ensure everybody gets where they were supposed to go.

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The seats were given special attention, so they look and feel more organic than ever – plus they can be adjusted in ways that would genuinely surprise you.

2017 Toyota Aurion Interior

Infotainment needs are covered by a touch screen display that will also keep the driver appraised of any important developments, other than those shown on the instrument panel.

As for materials, cloth is the norm, leather is optional, connectivity is not. Bluetooth, an USB port and even a jack for an MP3 device – Toyota developers seem to have thought about everything.


Judging by the recent rumors surrounding the 2017 Aurion, we are most likely looking at a 3.5 L V6 capable of dishing out 248 hp at 6,200 rpm.

2017 Toyota Aurion Engine

As for transmission, six-speed automatic is most the most likely candidate. As for speed, the new Toyota Aurion should be able to reach 60 mph in roughly 7 seconds.

Fuel efficiency is also rumored to be improved even further, although exact specs on that area have yet to be released.

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