2017 Dodge Dakota

2017 Dodge Dakota Price

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The new 2017 Dodge Dakota brings more than just updated style and improved aerodynamics. In fact, the redesign is quite thorough, once you go beyond the obvious. In any case, the 2017 Dakota seems to have made a turn for the better. This new look, coupled with superior quality and elegance we have come to expect, means there will be no shortage of buyers for this vehicle.

2017 Dodge Dakota Release Date

The 2017 Dodge Dakota is expected to make its debut on the streets in a few months, depending on the region. Early 2017 seems to be quite feasible.


The price of 2017 Dodge Dakota seems to be on par with previous models. A $60,000 price tag for the base model may seem like much, but considering the offer, many will find it worth their while.

Exterior of Dodge Dakota

Since 2017 Dakota is considered as an off-road vehicle, exterior layout is arguably more important than the interior – not that the interior isn’t amazing, mind you.

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The new grille has been given a more modern appearance, and the old LED lights seem to match perfectly into this new construction.

2017 Dodge Dakota

2017 Dodge Dakota Exterior

As you might expect from an off-road vehicle, the bumpers and the chassis have been reinforced, although the overall weight has not been affected to a great degree because of this.

The standard four-door layout still applies, and the vehicle is slightly longer than previous models, which has enabled the designers to get some more breathing room on the inside.

With a new selection of colors and a new set of wheels, we could say that 2017 Dakota has been given quite the facelift.


Both the appeal and the practicality have been the focus of 2017 Dodge Dakota designers, and the interior is no different. The standard five occupants now have more space for head and legs due to a redesigned cabin and new, more comfortable seats.

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The upholstery features only the finest materials, and the rest of the interior is no different, especially the main console. Due to an increase in space, we can expect lots of new gadgets to be fitted into this vehicle as well, but most of them will be optional.

2017 Dodge Dakota Interior

2017 Dodge Dakota Interior

Infotainment needs will be met via a touchscreen display, which enables the driver to access most of the vehicle’s functions with ease.

Other options concern cruise control, ABS, optional navigation system, voice commands etc. Most commands can also be made available on the steering wheel, in order to facilitate easier and safer driving experience.

Dodge Dakota Engine

There were many rumors concerning what is underneath the hood of 2017 Dodge Dakota. Most of them mentioned a V6 4-cylinder engine with 210 hp and direct injection.

2017 Dodge Dakota Engine

2017 Dodge Dakota Engine

A diesel version is also at play. We are talking about a 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine with 180 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. It is paired up with either 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission.

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The fuel consumption has seen some moderate improvements, so 30 miles on a gallon are still better than the earlier models.

2017 Dodge Dakota Video

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