2019 KIA Telluride

2019 KIA Telluride Release date and Price

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In case you were wondering how KIA imagines its future SUVs, look no further than its 2019 Telluride concept. Even though it is still years ahead of any showroom, it is still the talk of the web.

2019 KIA Telluride Release Date

There is no release date at this time, since this is a concept after all. It may be completed by late 2018, or not.

2019-kia-telluride Exterior


Probably comparable with current models, but there is no way of knowing this for sure.

Exterior of KIA Telluride

The 2019 KIA Telluride is still very much a concept, so there is no telling what it might look like once it rolls off the assembly line. Judging by the concept art, it will be green and retro on the outside and futuristic on the inside.

2019 KIA Telluride Exterior

The “old” muscular vibe is present in a number of details, especially up front. The “tiger nose” grille is the main culprit for that, but the four LED headlamps and indicator lights also contribute to the mix. From the side, there is not much new to say.

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2019 KIA Telluride Exterior

No unnecessary curves or changes in the roofline, so this is a classical SUV when you aren’t facing it. From the rear, however, the current concept seems to be a bit anemic.

The only parts that seem to feature any character behind them are the taillights and the rear roof spoiler.


On the inside, the 2019 KIA Telluride is going to look stylish and modern, but apart from concept images and wild speculations, there is virtually nothing for us to go on at this point.

2019 KIA Telluride Interior

There is plenty of room for all seven occupants spread across three rows of seats, some of which are foldable. Of course, the third row of seats is not really meant for adult passengers, so the space is a bit cramped, but the four people up front should have no such difficulties.

2019 KIA Telluride Interior

They will also enjoy all the benefits of Smart sensors that are designed to monitor their vital signs. There is also a possibility other medical-related improvement, but this does not mean that the 2019 Telluride is going to be a spa on wheels – as awesome as that might sound like.

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2019 KIA Telluride Interior

Other features include wireless cell phone charging and a bunch of components that will be manufactured by 3D printing.

2019 KIA Telluride Engine

There is no way of knowing just what kind of powertrain is going to make its way to the 2019 KIA Telluride, but from rumors we can tell that it is going to be a hybrid.

That means a mixture of a 3.5 L GDI V-6 engine complemented by an electric motor. Combined, they should be able to produce at least 400 hp.


As for the torque, current estimates place it at roughly 280 lb-ft but don’t hold us to that just yet. There is no word on transmission, but an all-wheel drive has been mentioned.

There is a lot of time between now and any reliable information. As for exact specs, the only number KIA has given so far is the 30 mpg fuel consumption on the highway. And that seems a bit low, especially for a hybrid.

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