2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

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A couple of months back the 4th generation of the A8 has been revealed. For now it looks like the A8 will remain Audi’s flagship luxury car. However, this is likely going to change in the near future. It looks like a new model will be released with the future A9. This will be based on the same platform as the A8 but it will only sport two doors. Thanks to that it will have to compete with a couple of high performance cars from reputable German manufacturers. Even though not official, it looks like the A9 will spawn a high performance version with the 2019 Audi RS9 Coupe.

More details

At this point there is still very little information about this particular car but even so, it should easily become one of the most impressive two-door luxury cars on the market. Even though it will be priced quite aggressively, likely at around $150,000 to $200,000, the RS9 won’t be a competitor for its sibling, the Continental GT.

2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

source:carbuyer.co.uk                                                                                      2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

This is mostly because the RS9 will be based on the MLB Evo chassis and it won’t have the driving characteristics of the Bentley. However, it will benefit from a lightweight construction and a really stiff chassis. Thanks to that it should be more than capable on the road while the comfort offered to its passengers is definitely going to be above the average of its class.

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The design of  2019 Audi RS9

It is safe to assume the 2019 Audi RS9 Coupe is going to be at least loosely based on both the new A8 and on the Prologue concept. Expect it to boast the same really impressive grille found on the new A8. However, the car is going to feature much more aggressive intakes and likely a honeycomb mesh grille.

2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

source:carbuyer.co.uk                                                                                       2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

Some rumors also suggested that it could feature “quattro” badges on the front splitter and on the diffuser, similar to what the RS5 received. Expect it to boast massive 20 to 21 inch rims wrapped in high performance tires as well as a really wide body kit meant to make it as aggressive as possible. With this car Audi will definitely take a completely different approach to the high performance luxury car which is always refreshing to see.

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Inside the cabin

Most of the interior of the upcoming 2019 Audi RS9 Coupe is more than likely going to be shared with the future A9 and the new A8.

2019 Audi RS9 Coupe interior

source:carbuyer.co.uk                                                                                   2019 Audi RS9 Coupe

Expect the three cars to get roughly the same dashboard design sporting Audi’s digital instrument cluster and their latest infotainment system. However, the RS9 is definitely going to receive Alcantara upholstery, likely with contrasting stitching, as well as much sportier Recaro front and rear seats.

Under the hood

While its siblings will receive W12 engines, the 2019 RS9 is more than likely going to come equipped with Audi’s 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8. This is actually a new engine which has been developed in cooperation with Porsche not that long ago. It seems that in the RS9 the engine will make well over 600 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. This should be more than enough to allow the relatively heavy coupe to hit 60 MPH in less than 4.0 seconds and hit a limited top speed of around 150 MPH.

2019 Audi RS9 Coupe engine

source:carbuyer.co.uk                                                                         2019 Audi RS9 Coupe engine

Some also suggested that Audi could go with a hybrid powertrain and retain the V8 for the lesser RS6. If this is the case then the RS9 could get the same setup that can be currently found in the Turbo S E-Hybrid Panamera. With as much as 680 horsepower this would allow the RS9 to trump its competitors while also offering a class leading fuel efficiency. Their already well known “quattro” all wheel drive system is definitely going to be offered as standard with either engine.

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