2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y – Arrives in 2024

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Back in June, at Tesla’s board meeting, Elon Musk their 5th car to date and their 4th car to go into mass production. This is the 2024 Tesla Model Y, a four-door crossover roughly the same size as the Model 3. However, with it Elon announced some really interesting facts about the car. It seems it is not going to be built on the same platform as the ongoing Model 3. The new Y will be built on a brand new chassis which will allow Tesla to manufacture it for much cheaper. Elon said that this car will feature a far less complex wiring harness and that its engine and battery will be widely available by the time the car will go into production. It seems that the new Model Y will not only be cheaper to make than the sedan but also cheaper to buy. It seems the car will cost less than $35,000 while featuring better performance than its sibling.

In detail

The new Model Y is going to be the first car not built at Tesla’s California factory. This will be built in Nevada at Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory which will also build the batteries meant to go in their other models. This factory is set to allow Tesla to become much bigger than it ever was which would be quite impressive to see.

2020 Tesla Modely Y


In fact they are currently the biggest car factory in the US with their shares reaching an all time high. Even though their production might not be up there with the largest manufacturers, Tesla is betting on the future and it shows. Their cars are among the most appreciated electrics on the market and so far it has been proven that these are also highly reliable vehicles.

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2020 Tesla Model Y Powertrain

The upcoming 2024 Tesla Model Y is going to be an all wheel drive car, there is no question about it. So far it seems the base model of the car will feature a small electric motor that will drive the front wheels. This is expected to offer up to 100 horsepower and over 200 lb-ft of torque. The rear wheels are going to get an upgraded unit though. It seems that this will offer anything between around 150 horsepower an all the way up to north of 250 horsepower. The combined output of the car is likely going to be well past 250 horsepower even in the most basic model.

2020 Tesla Model Y

source: electrek.co

Thanks to the fact Tesla will have new battery technology until then, expect the base Model Y to offer north of 250 miles of all electric range. In fact, by 2024, the car could easily reach 400 miles of range which would definitely make it a real alternative for those not wanting an electric vehicle now due to its limited range. The new Y is also expected to boast the latest SuperCharging system. With it the car may receive up to 75 to 80% battery charge in as little as 15 minutes which would be a major step up over what is currently available. The performance will likely be on par with today’s best compact luxury crossover on the market which would make the Tesla a winner for sure.

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The design – inside and out

So far it seems that it will not look like a smaller X as some people suggested. Instead, expect the Y to be much closer in design to a conventional crossover. The car is expected to boast a more vertical rear end with a much larger tailgate than that of the X. Also, it will feature 4 regular doors which will make it cheaper but also more reliable.

2020 Tesla Model Y

source: electrek.co

The front of the car has already been teased by Elon and it seems quite interesting to say the least. The hood is quite sculpted and the car seems to boast a large grille as well as swept back headlights. In fact it seems it might start an entirely new corporate design which would make it that much more impressive.

2020 Tesla Model Y interior

source: electrek.co

The interior is likely going to offer enough room for up to 5 people and their luggage. The design here is likely not going to be Tesla’s usual minimalist look. Instead expect something more conventional with a regular center stack and even some physical buttons which would make it that much better for all group ages.

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