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2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Price and Release date

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The number of people who think that the future of automotive industry is in electric engines has risen significantly since the concept was first introduced in 2010. But, the market wasn’t quite ready yet for this fuel saving ecological idea, and the usage of Tesla vehicles has been characterized as expensive. Manufacturers are looking to change things, and pave way for the cars of the future by creating better and better models each year. 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck is one of those vehicles, which provides great performances while utilizing the eco-friendly motor.

Engine of Tesla Pickup Truck

There is very few information about the motor which will power Tesla’s forthcoming Pickup. Several sources say that the highest trim level will feature a 2.0 liter V8 engine with capability to develop 400 horsepower.The battery will have 60kWh, which is considered to be rather strong.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck

source:theverge.com                                                                                           Tesla Truck

In addition the engine will be aluminum made, and it will significantly reduce weight and enable larger towing capacity.2017 Tesla Pickup Truck will have 6 speed automatic transmission, but the rumors are going around that the models with 7 and 8 speed automatic transmissions will also be obtainable.

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Design: Exterior and Interior

It becomes clear once you lay your eyes on Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck that it is a luxury vehicle with a very attractive appearance. Its good looks are backed with an amazing ability to carry up to 10.000 pounds of cargo in its elegantly designed rear end.

According to some available information 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck will be based on the same platform as Ford’s much praised F-150. The front end of the truck will be characterized with a dominant grille and oval-shaped LED lights. The four door body is carried by 18-inch wheels, and its overall length should reach nearly 228 feet.

Tesla Truck Design

source:theverge.com                                                                                           Tesla Truck Design

Interior of this vehicle is where luxury and elegance strike out the most. It can comfortably accommodate up to four passengers on seats which are arranged in two rows. All seats are leather-made and have the latest heating/cooling technology.

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The dashboard will be equipped with the latest infotainment system and HD display. Infotainment system will be enriched with an excellent audio system that features USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tesla Truck Interior

source:theverge.com                                                                                            Tesla Truck Interior

017 Tesla Pickup Truck has a number of attributes such as keyless entry, satellite navigation system, climate control that will make driving this pickup safe and enjoyable. Tesla’s aggressive and sporty pickup will look to win the trust and hearts of its future buyers once it reaches the market.

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Price and Release date

At the moment majority of sources believes that 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck should become available in the first few months of 2017. But, car manufacturer hasn’t released any official statements regarding the truck’s release and this projection might end up being too optimistic if the company meets any set-backs.

Tesla Truck

source:theverge.com                                                                                              Tesla Truck

The projected starting values of Tesla‘s forthcoming Pickup is between 35.000$ and 40.000$, but these are only projections which might change as the release date approaches. In any case we are looking at a powerful vehicle which will perform well both off and on road, and investing in it is the same as investing in the future.

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