2018 Ford Raptor F-150

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 – Is a Very Powerful Truck

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2018 Ford Raptor F-150 is a very powerful pickup truck which would be perfect for all types of weather and terrain conditions. There would not be an obstacle that this truck will not be able to overcome. It would be perfect for all those who need it either for transportation purposes, or because they are living in harsher climates and conditions.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 Release Date

Even though we are talking about the 2018 model, the manufacturer has officially presented 2018 Ford Raptor F-150 to the word public. This happened during the Detroit Auto Show which took place in Detroit, the USA during the first half of 2017. The manufacturer presented the car then and announced its production for the second half of 2017.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150


Price for Ford Raptor F-150

As we have said before, 2018 Ford Raptor F-150 has been officially presented to the world in Detroit, but the prices for particular trims are still not known. There are some predictions that the prices would become available just before the commencement of the production, i.e. during the second half of 2017.

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The exterior of 2018 Ford Raptor would be the typical one of a pickup truck. It would have four doors and it would also have an enormous cargo area, which would be perfect for transportation services.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 exterior


The cargo area would have LED lights, perfect for night conditions. The exterior design itself, including all the lights, is made in such a way that it displays masculinity and power.

Ford Raptor F-150 2018 Interior

The interior of Ford Raptor F-150 would be perfectly comfortable and spacious for five passengers. Apart from safety settings and accessories, the truck has a lot of modern technologies.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 Interior


There is, of course an MP3 player in addition to Bluetooth and other ports. There would also be a touch display available.

Engine and Transmission

It has become a part of tradition that the manufacturer presents several engine options of 2018 Ford Raptor – F-150. The first engine option would be the basic one and it would be a 3.3 liter engine. This would also be a Ti-VCT engine with V6. This engine would be capable of providing 282 horsepower and using 253 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 Engine


The second engine option would be an EcoBoost one, and it would be a 2.7 liter engine which would be a V6 engine as well. Apart from this, the manufacturer would also provide two more EcoBoost engines. There would be a 5.0 liter engine. Also, there is also a 3.5 liter engine. Apart from these, there would also be a 3.0 liter engine, and it would be a diesel one. The manufacturer has also announced that there would be the automatic transmission which would have ten speeds.

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The conclusion is simple: 2018 Ford Raptor – F-150 is a very powerful machine. This is visible in its design but also in its engine options. Words are not necessary to describe what this pickup truck can do. All information about this pickup truck can be found at the official site of the manufacturer.

2018 Ford Raptor F-150 Video

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