2018 Honda Accord Release date

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The 2018 Honda Accord is expected to feature a complete redesign in an effort to stay ahead of the competition and possibly set some new standards in the industry. Even though it is still a long ways ahead, here is what we know so far.

2018 Honda Accord Release Date

There is no official release date at this point, although the 2018 Honda Accord will most likely hit the showrooms by the end of 2017.

2018 Honda Accord Spy Photo


Price for Honda Accord 2018

The base model should go for roughly $24,000 although the hybrid versions could easily double that amount with enough additional equipment.


On the outside, the 2018 Honda Accord is going to define the entire generation that is to come. We are looking at coupe and sedan versions, for now. So far, only the 4-door sedan configuration has been officially confirmed, and there are going to be some serious changes to the entire platform.

2018 Honda Accord Spy Shots


First of all, the new Accord is going to shed some more weight, with more than 50% of HSS rumored to be the deciding factor. Aside from the weight reduction, this should benefit handling and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

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From an aesthetic angle, the new Accord is not going to shake any ground – it will still look like a Honda, and this is probably a good thing. More on this as details come in.

Interior of Honda Accord 2018

The inside of the 2018 Honda Accord is a complete mystery at this point. It stands to reason that there will be lots of cool features inside, but we do not know what they are going to be.

The indoor space should be sufficient for five passengers, along with a new interior design and most likely an updated choice of materials for the upholstery and a more functional dashboard.

2018 Honda Accord Interior


The back seats are most likely to be foldable in the event the driver needs some extra cargo space. A new infotainment and navigational systems are a must, alongside all the obligatory safety features required by the industry and the general public.


There isn’t much to go on when it comes to what is below the hood of the 2018 Honda Accord, but there are rumors to go on, so here is what they say: First of all, they speak of a four-cylinder 2.4 L capable of more than 186 lb-ft of torque. The 3.5 L V6 is also rumored to be in the making, with its 278 hp. This has yet to be confirmed, though.

2018 Honda Accord Engine


As befitting the best selling part of Honda’s lineup, the 2018 Accord is going to offer a hybrid version, consisting of a four-cylinder gas engine coupled with a turbocharged electric motor in the front-wheel drive configuration, most likely with a 6-speed transmission.

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The exact specs are still being debated, though. The increased output of all the engine options is going to be the best selling point of this vehicle, especially the hybrid. It will be able to cover up to 13 miles on electricity alone, before the good old fossil fuel kicks in. The charging time is still going to be an issue, with at least 3 hours depending on your charger.


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