2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Design

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There is nobody in the world who hasn’t heard of BMW. Some of them own a BMW, others can only dream of owning one. Throughout years BMW has become one of the most recognizable and prestigious car brands on the planet. 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan has the prospects of becoming one of the most praised and acclaimed models BMW has released in years. This is a state of the art vehicle which guarantees conformity and great performance on the open road.

Design: Exterior and Interior

For a couple of years BMW has used odd numbers for their sedan vehicles and even numbers for their coupes. The unofficial name of this model is F52. The first spy images that emerged from the first tests conducted in China of the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan show that we can expect aerodynamically designed vehicle.

release date, engine, pr2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Exterior

This vehicle has a front wheel and four wheel drive. Overall design of 2017 BMW Sedan resembles X1 and 2-Series Tourers, but it still has a unique appearance. The most remarkable is the front part of the car with elegantly designed grille and LED headlights. The long hood also contributes to general visual impression of this car, as both graceful and stylish.

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release date, engine, price, 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Interior
This four door vehicle has a spacious cabin which can accommodate five passengers. The interior is designed using the combination of wood, leather and aluminum. 8 inch infotainment display will be accompanied with a standard set of features such WiFi, sound system and USB connectivity.

More information about car’s interior should become available as the release date approaches. Judging by the information which is currently available 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan is going to be luxurious and affordable at the same time.

Engine of BMW 1-Series Sedan

Quite a few rumors are going around concerning which engine will eventually end up being under the hood of the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan. According to some sources it is almost certain the BMW’s 2017 Sedan will have a four cylinder engine, but according to others it is possible that a three cylinder engine will be the one ending up underneath the hood.

release date, engine, price, 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan

Furthermore rumors say that 1M turbocharged engine with four cylinders and more than modest ability to develop 360 horse power will in fact be the engine for 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan. Very few information are available on whether this vehicle will have automatic or manual transmission.

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Once again rumors offer different information, some say that 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmissions will be provided. Given the reputation BMW vehicles have we shouldn’t expect anything but the best for this class of automobiles.

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Release Date and Price

There is no precise release date for the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan. It is quite possible that it will have different release dates for different markets, namely USA and China markets.

According to some predictions BMW’s 2017 Sedan should be released by the end of 2016, at the earliest, but at this moment there is no official confirmation from the manufacturer.

2017-bmw-1-series-sedan exterior

The starting price of the 2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan should be around 30.000$, but this might be just a projection and this model might end up costing significantly more.

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan will be side by side with Mercedes Benz CLA or Audi A3, which leaves it in excellent company.

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BMW 1-Series Sedan Video

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