2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex – Might Become a Trend Setter

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Even though recently Dodge’s RAM division has been laying low lately, back in the ‘80s and ‘90s they did release quite a few concept trucks. One of these was the T-Rex, which actually stands for Technology Research Experimental vehicle, a 6×6 truck like no other at the time. The T-Rex was based on a 2500/3500 chassis but with quite a few upgrades over the regular model. Even though since it was released back in 1997 Dodge hasn’t made any updates on the concept, there have been quite a few rumors recently.

In detail

It seems that the rumored 2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex might become a trend setter. The truck is expected to come with six wheel drive and a lot of upgrades over the regular models. Like before, the new T-Rex might still use the same chassis as the heavy duty trucks. This means that the entire front end will likely be identical. A solid front axle, coil springs as well as a boxed-in frame are expected.

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

source:netcarshow.com                                                                  2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

The rear of the truck is expected to feature two solid axles, leaf springs as well as individual lockable differentials. The six wheel drive mode is more than likely going to feature some sort of torque vectoring which would help the T-Rex go pretty much anywhere. As we said, the truck wouldn’t really compete with anything so Dodge would be free to post any price if it will actually go into production.

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The design

The 2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex is likely going to be based on the Rebel, at least in terms of looks. The front grille is expected to be the same and it should feature some sort of air intakes on the hood. The usual cross-hair grille is unlikely, especially on this type of truck.

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

source:netcarshow.com                                                                   2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

Being a 6×6 model, the T-Rex might feature flared wheel arches in order to accommodate considerably larger tires than the usual heavy duty models. Also, the rear end might feature a better departure angle thanks to the lack of a rear overhang due to the rear wheels being pushed back in order to be shorter than otherwise.

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex Interior

Not much is expected to change here over the regular Ram. The T-Rex will more than likely feature the same type of design here as the upcoming Ram 1500 and 2500. The dashboard, instrument cluster, infotainment system as well as the materials should be the same.

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

source:netcarshow.com                                                               2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

There is still going to be plenty of space available for luggage and passengers because the different chassis won’t intrude more than the usual one. It might feature some unique upgrades over the regular model such as contrasting stitching and trims.

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Under the hood

The original concept had a V10 engine and while we would love the idea, we wouldn’t be so sure about the 2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex. This is because emissions are getting stricter and a large gas V10 won’t be able to meet them for much longer.

2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

source:netcarshow.com                                                                     2018 Dodge Ram T-Rex

Because of that, the new model is more than likely going to feature a Cummins diesel inline 6, the same 6.7 liter turbocharged unit as in the current trucks. However, because it will likely be considerably heavier and it will have to drive 6 wheels, the one in the T-Rex might be upgrades slightly. Currently the 6.7 Cummins makes 385 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque which could easily be upgraded to over 400 horsepower and to as much as 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

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A 6 speed automatic, instead of the usual 8 speed one, might be used for its known durability and strength. This would be required as the six wheels will put a lot of extra strain on all of the transmission’s components.

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