2018 Ferrari F12 M

2018 Ferrari F12 M Price

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The 2018 F12 M is what Ferrari executives hope to be a worthy addition to the line, although to be fair it is closer to an older model that received a few updates; not like that never happened before, right? In any case, it is still far too early to tell anything about this model for the time being but here is what little rumors we were able to gather.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Release Date

The 2018 Ferrari F12 M is not expected to make a debut at least for another year or so. This means the exact release date is still very much a mystery. In all likelihood, we can expect to see them in a year or two, although even this is very much a mystery.

2018 Ferrari F12 M

Price for Ferrari F12 M 

As for the price, the speculations are pretty much everything we have to go on, although one thing is all but certain: the 2018 Ferrari F12 M is going to cost more than its predecessor, although we do not know just how much more.

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The main reason has something to do with the number of improvements and technologies involved. In any case, the official price has not been released, although the F12 M should not go for less than $200,000. As far as supercars go, this one seems well worth the price tag.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Exterior


From the outside, the new 2018 Ferrari F12 M actually looks a lot sportier and more elegant than it used to be. Still, most of the modifications are not considerable enough to deserve a special mention.

Or rather, the rumors were so scant that we dare not broach the subject. The ones that are mostly deal with the signature red color scheme, the aerodynamic body and lots of carbon fiber which made it even lighter and more manageable.

2018 Ferrari F12 M

Still, the roofline is lower than what we are accustomed to, and the front fascia is dominated by the new grille and bumper. In the rear, we can look forward to a number of improvements but they are all about the taillights and the new diffuser.

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Interior of 2018 Ferrari F12 M

As for the interior, the 2018 F12 M is not all too different from the previous model. Since the roof is lower, indoor space is not what it used to be, whereas this is slightly offset by several other features; mostly it is all the high-quality materials one would expect from a car of this brand.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Interior

What really blew us away are the rumors about a Dual Cockpit architecture, that should make driving a lot more manageable as well as enjoyable.

The steering wheel is somewhat smaller, but it is still large enough for the new airbag. The infotainment system comes with lots of new features and there is even an option for a 10.25-inch screen.


The powertrain is, unfortunately a complete mystery. There simply isn’t much to go on about the engine for the 2018 Ferrari F12 M.

The most credible ones are about a 6.3-liter V-12 engine, capable of dishing out 690-hp and 514 lb-ft of torque.

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Thanks to this as well as a selection of new materials, it should be able to dash to 60 mph in under three seconds. The top speed should also be increased, to roughly 210 mph.

2018 Ferrari F12 M Video

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