2018 Ford Fiesta

2018 Ford Fiesta Rumors – A New Fiesta Will Hit the Road

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Of all the cars that Ford has in store for 2018, the new Fiesta has not exactly attracted a lot of rumors about it. No surprise there, as this is not exactly the frontrunner for the company, but still it can’t hurt to see what is out there while we expect a new Fiesta to hit the road.

Release Date

As for when the new 2018 Ford Fiesta will hit the road, there is no set date as of yet.

In fact, even guessing the year would be tricky, all things considered.All in all, we should not expect to see the Fiesta before the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

2018 Ford Fiesta

2018 Ford Fiesta Price

As for the pricing, Ford hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about it, either. However, we can always hazard a guess, based on the previous models, competition and the like.

So, the 2018 model of Ford Fiesta should not sell for less than $22,000 in the base version, but the higher trims should have no problems reaching as high as $27,000 or possibly more.

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Of course, when more info becomes available, you will know about it.

2018 Ford Fiesta


From what we could gather on the 2018 Ford Fiesta, there isn’t much to speak of in terms of external appearance – or rather, we haven’t heard all that much about it, but there are rumors about 17-inch alloy wheels and a new paintjob.

The whole body may be lowered a bit as well, giving it better aerodynamic properties but limiting the road surfaces even more. Other than that, the front fascia is looking at a facelift, with a new grille and a redesigned pair of LED headlights and taillights, maybe a new bumper or two, and that is about it.

Interior of Ford Fiesta 2018

Since this is 2018 2018 Ford Fiesta we are talking about, even though there is absolutely nothing solid to base these rumors on, we have heard stories about black leather and silver stitches, complete with matching seat belts.

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2018 Ford Fiesta Interior

These and a number of minor changes on the inside will likely constitute all that separates this model from its predecessors. Of course, the latest iteration of the infotainment system in combination with optional satellite navigation is the norm.

The inside will look and feel a lot more spacious than it really is, mostly due to a slightly tweaked seating, but the controls will remain largely the same.


With 2018 being a long way ahead, there isn’t much to say about the engine powering the 2018 Ford Fiesta.

2018 Ford Fiesta

The old 1.6 L four-banger with 200 hp and 215 lb-ft of torque may be tweaked a little more, but there is probably not going to be a replacement this soon. It should be able to reach 60 mph in roughly 6 seconds, which isn’t bad but it won’t exactly win any races, either.

The old top speed of 145 mph might be moved a few digits as well, but that is about it. Oh, and fuel efficiency might increase, but not by much.

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