BMW M9 Performance

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After many successful SUVs and sedans, the BMW realized that they need something that will bring back the lost buyers of the top-range fuel-hungry models. The new BMW M9 may be such solution and it will be something entirely new from the BMW’s kitchen.

Similar to the BMW i8, the new M9 will bring a revolutionary new exterior design, made by the Radion design studio and, given the plethora of engines, the model will be able to successfully compete with the most exotic cars of today.

BMW M9 Performance6

BMW M9 Engine and Performance

Unfortunately, everything regarding the engine is still a mystery. Some speculations state that the new BMW M9 will have either a V8 or a vastly more powerful V12 engine beneath its unordinary long bonnet.

The information regarding the top speed is also unconfirmed, but some estimations state that it could be limited to 320 km/h.

BMW M9 Performance8

We will not expect some amazing performance regarding the fuel economy, but the buyers of this beast, surely won’t think of that when buying the new M9.

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There are some rumors about the plug-in hybrid version of the new M9, with additional two electric motors, that may output a total of 800 horsepower, but, as before, it is not officially confirmed.

Exterior and Design of BMW M9

As mentioned previously, the Radion design studio is responsible for the M9’s new and extravagant look. The front features maximum aggressiveness. Furious-looking LED headlights are pushed inside the hood, like glowing eyes in the cave.

The whole nose is tilted down, looking almost like a speedboat. The BMW’s signature kidney grille, are, like headlights move slightly inwards and are tilter down at an angle.

BMW M9 Performance7

The massive front bumper features two large air intake openings, positioned at the very bottom.

The rear looks amazing as well, with the L-shaped taillights with interestingly shaped LED pattern. Dual exhaust pipes with chromium coating are located at the bottom of the rear bumper. Looking at the side, the new M9 features a pretty long bonnet and slim, aerodynamic design.

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BMW M9 Interior

The interior is expected to be minimalistic, modern and luxurious, with many aluminum, wood and leather trim elements. It will likely feature a large LCD touchscreen with many infotainment features and slim and elegant leather-coated steering wheel with easily accessible side buttons and switches.

The new two-seater coupe will have no problem accommodating the driver and the passenger, since there will be plenty of leg and headroom inside the cabin.

BMW M9 Performance1

Standard features such as high-quality n-speaker sound system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, AM/FM/satellite radio, abundance of safety features, including the airbags, ABS, lane departure assistance, forward collision warnings and more will likely be the part of the standard package.

Price and Release Date of BMW M9

Like everything else, the prices and the release date are something that is withheld by the company. If everything goes according to plan, we may expect the new M9 to be released by the end of 2016 or early 2017.

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As far as the prices are concerned, the new M9surely won’t come cheap and some sources mention the cost range between the $300,000 and half a million US dollars.

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