Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta – Limited Editions

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After taking the 2013 Geneva Motor Show by storm, the Ferrari LaFerrari has been something of a status symbol for the ultra-wealthy, which is not surprising considering its price tag. Here is what we have on the Aperta.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Release Date

Given how this series is a limited one and orders are taken months and years ahead, if you were hoping to see one of these in a showroom, guess again. Each Aperta has its own release date as well as the buyer so it is pointless to even talk about the release date.

 Ferrari LaFerrai Aperta


There is no set price on the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, as every single one of these is custom-built and unique in its own way. Since the series is extremely limited, we could expect some models to exceed the $3 million mark, although these are the extreme cases.

Exterior of Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

From the outside, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is going to look every bit as aggressive as you might expect.

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Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior

This is a supercar through and through, and the most important feature changes have also made the car slightly slower but have improved the aesthetics to the point most people would consider this tradeoff more than fair.

Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior

There is lots of carbon fiber as we might expect, and the way it has been shaped gives it a more elegant vibe compared to the rest of Ferrari’s lineup.


On the inside, the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is going to be a perfect mix of luxury and race car features. The instrument cluster and steering wheel look like they have been carried over from some futuristic race car and wrapped in fine Alcantara leather along with almost everything else on the inside.

Ferrari LaFerrari Interior

This includes the dashboard, door panels and seats of course. In addition, there is to be lots of carbon fiber details, especially on the center console, steering wheels and the floor. There is lots of headroom and driving experience is to be as memorable as it gets.

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LaFerrari Aperta Engine

What drives the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is a hybrid with a 6.3 L V-12 engine in combination with a HYKERN unit for extra power. This means 789 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque from the main engine plus another 161 hp and 148 lb-ft from the additional unit.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Engine

If we add things up we get a total of 950 hp and 664 units of torque. This is basically a speedboat with wheels. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for its awesome look, and that price is acceleration. Unfortunately, it will not be able to reach 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

The speed is also going to be slightly lower, probably less than 210 mph. Even though most people who can afford this car care little about their gas bills, it should be said that this bad boy can cover 16 miles on a single gallon on the highway, 12 in the city and 14 mpg combined.It can run on electric power alone, but there are no specs that would corroborate this.

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Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Video

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