2018 Holden Monaro

2018 Holden Monaro – Australian Mustang

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The Holden Monaro has been called the Australia’s Mustang in numerous occasions. The car was a true rear wheel drive pony car that was built in three generations. Unfortunately the last model was made back in 2006 and since then Australia didn’t really have a two door pony car. More recently they received the Mustang and the Camaro but the two can’t really match the history behind the Monaro. Because of that not that long ago some inside sources revealed rumors about a future 2018 Holden Monaro.

The car would not have a direct competitor, especially since both the Mustang and the Camaro would be both cheaper and smaller than it. The upcoming Monaro is expected to be an upmarket two-door muscle car that would feature all the commodities of a luxury car while having the power of a muscle car.

Holden Monaro 2018 In detail

The closest we came to a Monaro is the Buick Avista concept which was released at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. The car is a rear wheel drive luxury coupe with 400 horsepower. The rumored Monaro would be based on this concept but get a unique design to better fit the Australian market. So far it seems that the end result might be a lot more impressive than some people suggested.

2018 Holden Monaro


For starters, the car would be considerably larger than the Camaro with a length closer to 5 meters. On top of that it would be nearly 2 meters wide but only 1.4 meters tall. This would create an incredibly aggressive stance which is usually seen on much more expensive cars. Despite that, the 2018 Holden Monaro is expected to cost no more than $40,000 for a base model which is very impressive.

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The design

We did say the car is going to be based on the Avista concept. However, we do believe that it will look vastly different. While it will use the same platform, wheelbase and rough proportions, everything else should be new. Some even suggested that the car is going to take inspiration from the third generation as well as from the first generation of the Monaro. This means a clear muscle-car inspired design which would likely feature pillar-less side windows, a long hood and sloped back rear end.

2018 Holden Monaro design


The car will more than likely set the trend for all future Holden products which was also the case with the previous generation. The front end has been rumored to feature round headlights but these are highly unlikely in this day and age. Instead, we do expect something more similar to the Avista with a low front end, a massive hexagonal grille and wing-shaped headlights which will create a really aggressive look.

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Inside the cabin

Thanks to its rather large price tag, the 2018 Holden Monaro will be able to feature quite a bit of gear inside the cabin. The car will feature four fully fledged seats which will be possible thanks to its massive wheelbase. On top of that, the equipment level and most of the materials should be on par with Buick’s cars at this price range.

2018 Holden Monaro interior


This will give the Australian market their first taste of a cheap, yet luxurious, two-door coupe with the power to outrun a Mustang. Later down the road the Monaro is more than likely going to arrive on the US market as well, more than likely under the Buick badge. This would be a similar story to what happened with the previous Monaro and the Pontiac GTO.

Under the hood

The concept of the Avista had a 400 horsepower undisclosed engine. We are quite sure that the 2018 Holden Monaro is going to feature turbocharged power, especially with the rising costs of fuel. The car is more than likely going to boast a 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 which has been released not that long ago.

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This is known to make 400 horsepower and close to 400 lb-ft of torque while using noticeably less fuel than a V8. With the added benefit of a light body, the Monaro should be more than capable to outrun a V8 Mustang or Camaro. On top of that engine, a larger V8 might be added at a later date. GM has currently under development a new twin-turbo V8 which is said to make in excess of 500 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Holden Monaro Video

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